2023 Primeline Maternal Ewe Sale

On the 21st November, over 10,000 Primeline Ewes & Ewe Lambs will be on offer via AuctionsPlus.

The ewes are specialist prime lamb genetics, bred by science using the national performance recording system, LAMBPLAN.

The Primeline Maternal is the leading maternal breeding program in Australia, and these genetics are now prominent in many leading lamb flocks in Australia.

The sheep are bred to lower cost of production by being able to perform at high stocking rates,
with minimal inputs, and turn off high quality lambs in a short amount of time.

The breeding program aims to be able to produce high muscled trade lambs with adequate fat cover, that can be taken to heavy export weights and have high levels of intramuscular fat. The Primeline Maternal breed is the backbone of leading USA lamb brand ‘Willow Bend’. This high marbling brand is a joint venture between LAMBPRO clients and Catelli Brothers based in Philadelphia USA.

With a focus on premium lamb production, the LAMBPRO Index combines both production traits
and carcase traits, with a particularly heavy focus on marbling.

Prospective purchases are able to see the vendors three year rolling average of their sire team for the LAMBPRO index, and IMF (marbling). This is a new initiative, but we believe it adds transparency in the selling of elite breeding ewes.

The producers represent some of Australia’s best lamb producers, and this sale offers a unique opportunity to purchase from the heart of their flocks.

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