Primeline Maternal Breeding Program

‘Performance and Consistency’


The LAMBPRO PRIMELINE Maternal has built its reputation as the largest supplier of maternal genetics to the Australian lamb industry. The combination of cutting edge maternal traits with leading carcase traits into one consistent package, has achieved outstanding trade lambs with a low cost of production.

The breeding objective focuses on massive early lamb growth, moderate ewe weight, fertility, lamb survival, moderate fat and a carcase that exceeds most terminal
sires. This breeding objective is measured in LAMBPLAN and driven by a customised index developed with clients and Ag Consultants.

Composite breeding is increasing in popularity, however the variation can cause some resistance when marketing stock. By stabilising the breeding program (breeding like on like for a number of generations) the PRIMELINE Maternal is gaining a reputation in the market place for carcase quality and consistency. This consistency is achieved without sacrificing performance, with the average ram marketed in the top 10% for industry maternal indexes.

Breeders focus on the development of high performing self-replacing flocks with the key characteristics being lambing as a yearling, 100 day weaning weights over 40kg, and weaning rates above 140%. All this at high stocking rates with minimum inputs, results in an extremely profitable system in a range of environments across Eastern Australia.