Primeline Shedders

The Primeline Shedder aims to maintain the key attributes of the Primeline Maternal breeding program but reduce the costs and complexity associated with wool management and harvesting by introducing the shedding gene.

In 2007 a shedding gene was accidently infused into the Primeline Maternal breeding program and up until the last few years, these sheep were culled due to skin value. The shedding sheep in the Primeline Maternal program have now been combined into a single breeding program, and leading shedding composite genetics have been added.

The Primeline Shedder has outstanding feet, worms, and muscle, combined with many of the key traits the made the Primeline Maternal highly successful.

With the use of artificial breeding and genomic technology, we aim to make the Primeline Shedder an extremely high marbling carcase, suitable for high end premium markets.