LAMBPRO is a prime lamb seedstock business focusing on the production of maternal and terminal seedstock. Our motto is simple ‘identify and multiply’. We identify sheep that will increase kilograms per hectare through productivity and dollars per kilogram through carcase quality, and then multiply them through our various breeding programs.

Our philosophy is to measure production traits in our seedstock when run in a commercial environment. This approach allows sheep with weak constitution to be culled and performance data to be collected in commercial conditions.

Our approach is not traditional, many of our sheep are hybrid, and the focus is on performance not purity. While not mainstream our sheep hold many Australian sales records.

We have been a leading driver of productivity gains in Australian lamb industry over the past two decades. Our future is focused on increasing the profitability of our sheep ensuring our client base is at the forefront of production and profitability.

LAMBPRO, Through its associated premium lamb brands Willow Bend and Kinross Station, is a market leader globally in lamb, exporting lambs to ten countries through a joint venture with Endeavour Meats. In 2018 the business was awarded the Coles Weekly Times Farmer of the Year for innovation.


Our Lamb Brands

Kinross Station

Willow Bend