Poll Dorset Breeding Program


LAMBPRO Poll Dorsets are specifically tailored for the production of elite trade lambs of 18-24kg. By optimising the balance between growth rate and carcase traits the breeding program has become one of Australia’s largest suppliers of Poll Dorset genetics to the Australian lamb industry.

The LAMBPRO Poll Dorset has a unique set of genes within the sheep industry. They have the rare combination of breed-leading eye muscle and marbling, which typically are two antagonistic traits. This simple combination makes LAMBPRO Poll Dorset progeny in demand from various domestic supply chains.

Leading young sires are progeny tested annually over commercial ewes with the aim of generating 20 progeny per sire. These progeny are boned out as a sire group, enabling retail yield data to be collected and used in the breeding program. Once proven, the leading young sires are mass produced for our clients ensuring annual improvements in carcase value and reduced cost of production.

LAMBPRO Poll Dorsets focus on maintaining an eye muscle and eating quality advantage, while focusing on cost of production traits being birth weight and growth rate. Our Poll Dorsets typically have a lower frame score than most, excellent butt shape, and moderate fat cover. We focus on maintaining a true ‘Downs’ skin type.

LAMBPRO is committed to ensuring our program maintains its position as an industry leader for performance. The breeding program has continually produced leading high accuracy sires with high growth, muscle and moderate fat over the past decade.