Poll Dorset Breeding Program

‘Built for boning rooms, not beauty pageants’

LAMBPRO Poll Dorset sires are industry leaders for performance. Our aim is to keep our commercial clients at the forefront of profitability and market demand. The Poll Dorset genetics are tailored to target elite trade lambs (18-24kg carcase weight). Our focus is lower frame score sheep that have the required butt shape, loin and fat cover for the domestic market while maintaining a true downs skin.

LAMBPRO has been involved in progeny testing to analyse carcase data, feed conversion data and growth data on individual sire groups since 1997. This ensures we continue to produce terminal sires that meet the needs of the consumer while reducing the cost of production annually.

LAMBPRO is committed to ensuring our program maintains its position as an industry leader for performance. The breeding program has continually produced leading high accuracy sires with high growth, muscle and moderate fat over the past decade. We pride ourselves with innovation and meeting market demands.

In 2013 the program will mate over 1000 Poll Dorset ewes to some of the highest ranked Poll Dorset sires in Australia. In addition a further 120 ewes have been joined to Southdown sires as a trial with a focus on hogget mating and early maturity.