About Us

At LAMBPRO we supply a system for lamb producers to produce the highest quality trade lambs at the lowest cost of production. The success of this system has made LAMBPRO the largest supplier of prime lamb genetics to the Australian lamb industry.

LAMBPRO is a supplier of Terminal and Maternal lamb genetics to many of Australia’s leading lamb producers. We have a simple focus on maximising kilograms of lamb per hectare produced and dollars a kilogram of carcase value. This approach has enabled our clients to produce some of Australia’s best Trade Lambs at the lowest cost of production.

Our approach is not traditional, our focus is on performance, not purity, and many of our sheep are hybrid. LAMBPRO uses advanced breeding technology to drive high rates of genetic gain, resulting in improved profitability in a commercial environment. All sheep are run under high stocking rates, allowing sheep with weak constitutions to be culled and performance data to be collected under commercial conditions. This commercial approach has been well received, with LAMBPRO holding many national ram sales records over the past two decades.

The ‘Proven Sire Program’ progeny test examines the latest crop of LAMBPRO sires to identify those who will lower the cost of production and maximise retail yield and eating quality. Once identified these sires are multiplied using artificial insemination, embryo transfer and natural mating.

Sheep are bred to a specification, balancing traits towards low cost and high carcase value animals. Consistency is paramount and is what sets LAMBPRO apart from other breeding programs.


The LAMBPRO breeding program is unrivalled in the Australian lamb industry for marbling. In the Poll Dorset, Tradie, Hampshire Down and Primeline Maternal breeding programs, LAMBPRO has earnt a position of industry leaders for marbling and tenderness.

This position has been earnt, as a result, of the investment into the Prime Lamb Improvement Company. Years of progeny testing for meat quality, and consumer testing has given the breeding program a higher level of accuracy and has identified outliers which have been then multiplied throughout the large-scale ram production for our clients.


Tom Bull commenced breeding Suffolk sheep in Holbrook NSW in 1991, with the purchase of five Suffolk ewes while still at school. By the mid 1990’s the stud expanded into White Suffolk genetics and acquired many leading White Suffolk rams from the National Central Progeny Test Program.

To accelerate performance. Poll Dorsets were added in 2000 and this coincided with the early development of composite maternal lamb genetics. The PRIMELINE Maternal was fixed as a breed in 2009. In 2003 the business won a national award for innovation within the prime lamb industry.

The performance recording system LAMBPLAN has been the backbone of the business. LAMBPRO has undertaken more producer education performance recording in Australia than any other sheep operation. The ability to describe profit, and improve retail value and consumer satisfaction has provided a quantum leap for the lamb industry.

From 2005 to 2006 the business implanted over 2000 embryos which saw LAMBPRO increase in scale and performance. During this period ram sales accelerated as the demand for performance-bred terminal and maternal sires increased.

The business has purchased a number of studs over the last twenty years, with the most prominent being the recent purchase of the elite quality Poll Dorset performance flock, Hillcroft Farms.
In 2011 the LAMBPRO TRADIE was launched. The TRADIE consists of the infusion of the Southdown breed into Poll Dorset ewes, focussing on producing high quality domestic lambs with unequalled meat quality. This product has grown rapidly and now the TRADIE is a prominent terminal sire across Eastern Australia.

More recently LAMBPRO has launched a Hampshire Downs breeding program under the prefix KINROSS STATION. The ‘Hampy’ program is focused on heavier carcass weights for higher value premium markets.
LAMBPRO is family owned and operated, and has progressed from selling one ram in 1992 to currently over 2500 rams. Rams are sold from Southern Tasmania to Northern NSW.