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5000 Specially Bred Primeline Maternal ewes and ewe lambs.

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Lambpro will hold a Tradie lamb Field Day at the Mt Sturgeon Woolshed on Tuesday 3rd October. Click here for full details: TRADIE FIELD DAY

Lamb industry to adopt beef’s focus on marbling

MARBLING has long been king of the branded beef business.

And now claims of breeds being the “Wagyu” of the lamb world are becoming commonplace.

But with the intramuscular fat of the average lamb in Australia at 4.2 per cent — just .2 per cent above the level where consumers start to turn away — the industry needs to seriously look at marbling, according to Holbrook ram producer Tom Bull.

He says there is no prospect of lambs being measured for marbling at processing for the next seven to eight years.

“Genetic control is really one of the only solutions the industry can have in the short term to push into those high end markets,” he said.

“The massive emergence of brands in beef industry is based on marbling … of being more marbled and juicier than the next brand.”

Mr Bull said underpinning eating quality was lamb’s challenge to get into the top echelon of global markets.

“If we are happy with $4/kg carcass weight, then sure it will be more affordable, but the average cost of production in Australia is probably not far from there.

“We are lobster; we are not beef. ”

Not having an objective marbling measure was a “massive impediment to the industry” Mr Bull said, and new lean meat yield measuring technology could also be “very dangerous”.

“Because you turn that switch on and start paying for meat yield, straight away through genetic correlation you drive eating quality out of it, and that is a real worry,” he said.

Thomas Food International’s lamb supply Manager David Rutley.

Thomas Foods International lamb supply chain co-ordinator David Rutley says consumers need consistency.

“To increase consistency, we need to understand the variation in the carcass data, and the biggest cause of the variation is between the individual lambs,” he said.

“On genetic trends from 2000 to 2017, dressing percentage, carcass weight, lean meat yield and shear force are all increasing while intramuscular fat is decreasing, along with consumer overall liking.

“We don’t want high-yielding lambs with high shear force as eating quality gazumps yields.’’

Dr Rutley said producers needed to know the customer was the king of the castle in the lamb industry.

“For the producer, it is all about fertility, survival, growth and feed conversion. But he must also think about what the consumer wants so he can receive a good price for his lambs.’’


Holbrook based lamb genetics business, LAMBPRO is set to launch a new brand for their terminal sires, to denote those suitable for premium lamb production.

The LAMBPRO Five Star Sires classification will be assigned to sires that are trait leaders for marbling which have a high level of accuracy.

The aim is to allow producers who target premium markets, to be able to confidently purchase sires to use in their breeding programs, which will deliver maximum consumer satisfaction.

Tom Bull of LAMBPRO stated “The beef industry has done a great job underpinning brands with high accuracy marbling genetics. For lamb to target the top echelon of consumers world-wide, we need to follow beef.”

MLA data suggest consumers will pay double for MSA 5 Score lamb versus MSA 3 Score lamb. Tom believes being able to have sires that will consistently produce that MSA 5 Score lamb is what will take the industry to the next level.

The new terminal sire brand for LAMBPRO is the culmination of five years of work, focusing on transitioning their terminal sire flock towards high value markets.

This has involved consumer testing and meat testing of sires over the past three years. “We saw in our 2016 lamb sensory tests, the impact marbling had on flavor and juiciness when rated by consumers.”



Tradie sired lamb chops                                                     LAMBPRO 150513: One of Australia’s leading marbling sires


There are plenty of rams that are trait leaders with accuracies of 20-30%. What differentiates LAMBPRO’s Five Star Sires is their accuracy. “We want to be able to provide genetic information on rams with over 50% accuracy.

‘This year alone, 28 sires have been tested which will provide a significant boost of accuracy to the 850 terminal sires to be offered this season’.

The other tool that will accelerate accuracy is genomics. ‘We have increased our genomic testing to a third of the ram drop, with the aim of finding outliers for our breeding program, and our clients. It’s possible we will genomic test all rams in the coming year’.

The work is paying off. Over half of our Tradie’s and nearly a third of our Dorset’s are projected to qualify for our LAMBPRO Five Star Sires program.

In addition to intense selection in the Poll Dorset’s, the infusion of Southdown has made a big impact. ‘The Tradie is basically a Dorset that has a Southdown infusion, and has performed extremely well in our program to date. More importantly we are getting some good feedback from end users in regards to improvement in eating quality.

‘High end brands, underpinned by eating quality will occur in lamb, as in beef. We are simply positioning our clients to take advantage of this revolution.’

“We have an increasing interest from clients who are integrated into various supply chains. Their markets are demanding products which will provide customers with an enhanced eating quality experience. However, with processing plants not being able to measure marbling yet, genetics fed appropriately is the best strategy for processors to purchase progeny of known measured genes.”


The first offering of the LAMBPRO Five Star Rated Sires will be at the LAMBPRO Selection Day in November, with 400 Poll Dorset and Tradie Rams on offer.

1575 SIL Primeline Ewes for Sale

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FIELD DAY Invitation – Making Lamb Black and White


Wednesday 5th July 2017

10.00am – 2.30pm (BBQ provided)

649 Wagga Road Holbrook NSW

(Kinross is 6.5km from Holbrook on the Wagga road).

Click here for invitation: LAMBPRO Field Day 2017 Invite – Making Lamb Black White




A commitment to eating quality and an increased use of genomic technology is lifting the bar in the LAMBPRO Tradie breeding program. Leading young sire 161618 is now ranked 2nd out of 39,000 2016 drop rams. The exciting thing is this genomic data correlates well with the results of the Prime Lamb Improvement Company progeny test results which highlighted this blood line as superior for consumer liking.

In 2016 all the Tradie sires we genomic tested came back as trait leaders for marbling. This was only over a small number, however in 2017 we aim to test 70 Tradie sires to pinpoint the cream of the crop for marbling. There is increased interest from retailers and food service operators in high marbling lamb, and the Tradie is well placed to supply this market.

Lambpro will offer 250 Tradie rams in its November offering many of which will be trait leaders for muscle









On offer is one of the highest indexed groups of Poll Dorset rams to be offered in Australia this season. All rams will be penned from 9.30am on sale day. Inspections by appointment prior to the sale in Holbrook. In addition Auctionsplus will be available for interstate buyers.

LAMBPRO purchased over half of the Hillcroft Farms Poll Dorset stud in 2014. This included the domestic styles of sheep from the flock, with the remaining ewes and commercial client list remaining in Western Australia. This investment cements our position as carcase leaders in the Poll Dorset breed. Consistency is king, and time and time again in our progeny testing we look for sires that breed consistent, high muscling lambs with enough fat for the domestic market.

Our breeding program is targeted at highly muscled sheep, with moderate fat and exceptional eating quality. It is no coincidence that a number of the rams rank in the top rams nationally for marbling. We await further DNA results on all rams, as their pedigree’s suggest many more of them would rank in the top 50 rams nationally.

The fact nearly all the rams have been used in our breeding program is testament to the line- up. The temptation was to keep a dozen of the best sires, but we decided to keep with the Hillcroft Farms policy of selling the best, and using ram lambs moving forward.

Physical sale interfaced live with Auctionsplus. All buyers will need to be registered prior. Catalogue will be available on the website or by contacting Tom Bull on 0438 680 585 or [email protected] Selling Agent: Ross Milne – ELDERS Hamilton 0408 057 558. We hope to see you at Dunkeld on the 25th September 2015.



The LAMBPRO TRADIE sired lambs are quickly gaining a reputation in domestic circles for outstanding carcase attributes. The TRADIE is a Southdown/Poll Dorset sire aimed at producing elite domestic lambs. The new breed combines the eye muscle of the Dorset’s with the marbling and tenderness of the Southdown. The breeding program is targeted at the top end retail and food service market.

LAMBPRO has been aware of the Southdown breeds reputation for meat quality for some time. However the results of the MLA information nucleus highlights its superiority over conventional terminal sire breeds for marbling and tenderness. It’s the closest thing the lamb industry has to the Wagyu beef breed. The move to put Poll Dorset’s and Southdowns into the one breeding program has enabled both breeds to complement each other. Pure Southdowns don’t have the growth and eye muscle and Dorset’s need more marbling. The outcome is we have leading growth rate sheep with outstanding eye muscle and marbling.

The feedback at retail has been extremely positive. Lamb Cutlets have been supplied to leading Sydney retailer Victor Churchill.


LAMBPRO in conjunction with clients and external consultants has released a new customised index focused on producing maternal genetics targeted towards the domestic market. The index was developed hand in hand with clients and consultants to address client breeding objectives.

‘Many of the leading rams on Maternal Dollar index are totally unsuitable for trade lamb production. The top ram in the industry for Maternal Dollar index is a 2006 sire with -2 for fat and -1.8 for muscle. This sort of excessive leanness and lack of carcase makes these genetics totally unsuitable for Trade Lamb Production.

In addition the Maternal Dollar Index doesn’t account for mature ewe weight leading to excessive increases in mature ewe weight. Some of the top rams are hitting +20 Adult Ewe Weight ASBV which in the paddock means more 100kg ewes which aren’t practical from production standpoint, or an animal husbandry standpoint. We can’t expect shearers to drag 100kg ewes all day.

The Trade Maternal Index puts emphasis on weaning weight, downward pressure on mature ewe weight, emphasis in increasing fat to positive, increased muscle and milk. The end result is more in line with our breeding objective and those of or clients.

‘We don’t want to take the pressure off weaning weight. It simply recognises sheep that grow quickly early, to a moderate ewe weight. It also optimises traits required for trade lambs being fat and muscle. The rest is using similar weightings as Maternal Dollar Index.

The feedback from our clients and buyers was extremely positive.