Raising The Bar On Quality

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Whilst we all enjoy the wonderful produce that comes from Australian farms to our tables every day, not all of us have had the chance to connect with the land and the people who care for it, whilst feeding the world.

So let us take you on a journey to meet the team at Kinross Station and see how their sustainable practices translate into sustainable, high quality lamb that is also highly marbled.

Yes… you read right… marbled lamb…

“We’re sheep nerds really!”

A love of animals and the sheep in their care makes every day a good day for Sophie and the team at Kinross Station. They treat the sheep with respect and care, ensuring they set them up to thrive. Happy, healthy mum’s and happy, healthy lambs.  

“Landcare is always front of mind. We want to build an ecosystem and a property that future generations can come through and enjoy”

It is really clear how important care of the land and care of the animals is to everyone at Kinross Station. From the owners Tom and Phoebe Bull to Sophie and the passionate team of young professionals – everyone shows a love and respect for the land that they are working and living in.     

They want to build a really healthy, vibrant and balanced ecosystem, that allows them to farm ethically and sustainably now and into the future.

For Sophie, working at Kinross also comes with it’s own rewards. “I love working here and with the team, everybody’s so passionate and they just want to get in and get involved, The future of the industry is so exciting. There’s so much potential and so many opportunities.”

The Hampshire Down is a rare breed bringing marbling to the table for lamb

We’ve all heard about marbled beef, right? But marbled lamb…not so much.

But that is where the Kinross Station Hampshire Down breed of sheep come into their own. 

Originally from Hampshire in Southern England, the Hampshire Downs (or Hampies) dwindled in the 1980’s as the black wool on their faces was a black fibre risk in a sheep industry focused on producing premium white wool. And so, the breed slipped into rare breed status in Australia.

But the clever Kinross team saw the premium quality potential at of the breed and identified a few flocks with a marbling strain unparalleled in the world sheep flock.

For Chophouse Sydney’s Head Chef Scott Kim, the humble lamb chop was transformed when he first discovered the marbled lamb from Kinross. It was the first lamb chop that he had seen with a marble score 4, which was very interesting and is now a staple on the Chophouse menu.

“That’s where all of the tenderness comes alive. People just love it. Love it. They love it.”

Scott Kim, Head Chef Chophouse Sydney

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