A commitment to eating quality and an increased use of genomic technology is lifting the bar in the LAMBPRO Tradie breeding program. Leading young sire 161618 is now ranked 2nd out of 39,000 2016 drop rams. The exciting thing is this genomic data correlates well with the results of the Prime Lamb Improvement Company progeny test results which highlighted this blood line as superior for consumer liking.

In 2016 all the Tradie sires we genomic tested came back as trait leaders for marbling. This was only over a small number, however in 2017 we aim to test 70 Tradie sires to pinpoint the cream of the crop for marbling. There is increased interest from retailers and food service operators in high marbling lamb, and the Tradie is well placed to supply this market.

Lambpro will offer 250 Tradie rams in its November offering many of which will be trait leaders for muscle