The LAMBPRO TRADIE sired lambs are quickly gaining a reputation in domestic circles for outstanding carcase attributes. The TRADIE is a Southdown/Poll Dorset sire aimed at producing elite domestic lambs. The new breed combines the eye muscle of the Dorset’s with the marbling and tenderness of the Southdown. The breeding program is targeted at the top end retail and food service market.

LAMBPRO has been aware of the Southdown breeds reputation for meat quality for some time. However the results of the MLA information nucleus highlights its superiority over conventional terminal sire breeds for marbling and tenderness. It’s the closest thing the lamb industry has to the Wagyu beef breed. The move to put Poll Dorset’s and Southdowns into the one breeding program has enabled both breeds to complement each other. Pure Southdowns don’t have the growth and eye muscle and Dorset’s need more marbling. The outcome is we have leading growth rate sheep with outstanding eye muscle and marbling.

The feedback at retail has been extremely positive. Lamb Cutlets have been supplied to leading Sydney retailer Victor Churchill.